Flash Gordon

The Emperor Ming: “Klytus, I’m bored. What plaything can you offer me today?”  Klytus: “An obscure body in the S-K System, Your Majesty.  The Inhabitants refer to it as the planet… “Earth.”  The Emperor Ming: “How peaceful it looks… I like to play with a thing for a while before annihilation!” Evil intergalactic warlord, Emperor […]


It’s the first day of senior year at a prestigious boarding school. Two boys: Jonathan, the new kid from a working-class background, and Skip, his more experienced blueblood roommate stand in a dormitory doorway dressed in women’s underwear. Skip has convinced Jonathan this is a first day of senior year tradition just before tricking him […]

Friday Foster

In the nineteen-seventies there was no female movie star who could hold a candle to Pam Grier. She was tough, sexy, and powerful. Her starring roles in soul cinema classics like “Coffy” (1973), “Foxy Brown,” (1974), and “Sheba, Baby” (1975), and many others featured in the MGM library, burnished her on-screen persona as action hero […]

Ghost World

A sea of freshly-scrubbed young people, dressed identically in crimson caps and gowns, they all stand in rapt attention for their high school graduation. That is, all except for two; best friends Enid and Rebecca who snicker to one another, as if sharing a joke on which no one else has been let in. Enid […]


“Breaker on-nine, this here’s the Rubber Duck/ You gotta copy on me, Pig Pen, c’mon?” so begins C.W. McCall’s epic trucker tale, and the inspiration of director Sam Peckinpah’s classic road comedy “Convoy” (1978), starring Kris Kristofferson and Ali McGraw, featured July (2022) on MGM HD.     “Convoy” has all the pleasures of a […]

Across110th Street

The movie opens on a tense stand-off between a roomful of men in suits counting out a bagful of cash and two men, dressed as cops, armed with a pair of machine guns. The men with the money are mobsters and the cops are actually robbers. What happens next is a bloodbath that sparks a […]

Love Field

Three characters ride a bus from Dallas, TX to Washington D.C.: a woman in mourning, and a man on the run with his six-year-old daughter. Together, these unlikely traveling companions embark on a journey of self-discovery during one of the most pivotal weekends in American history. The movie is “Love Field” (1992), starring Michelle Pfeiffer […]

Something Wild

A solitary businessman eats lunch at a crowded downtown diner attracting the attention of an eclectically dressed young woman who eyes him from behind her Frieda Kahlo biography. An impulsive decision draws her into his orbit and sets off a chain of events that will, over the course of a single weekend, change their lives. […]


Director William Wyler’s “The Children’s Hour” (1961) featured June & July (2022) on MGM HD, is a sensitive portrayal of LGBTQ+ issues made at a time when such subject matter was unusual for mainstream movies. Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine star as two women who run a boarding school for girls who are falsely outed […]


A tour bus, painted lavender and topped with a giant silver high-heeled shoe, hurls down the narrow highway of an empty red desert. The inhabitants of the bus are three merry, if slightly inebriated, drag performers singing and wisecracking their way from cosmopolitan Sydney to the heart of the Australian outback for a two-week gig. […]