The opening sequence begins in the dead of night on the moody rainswept streets of Chicago. During the next almost dialog-free ten minutes we accompany three well-equipped thieves on a heist to liberate the contents of a safe. We can tell that their leader, the safe cracker himself, is a professional by his cold determination, […]

On The Beach

A worldly, dark-haired, and attractive woman is sent to pick up a tall handsome stranger arriving by train. They meet cute and flirt lightly back and forth before climbing together into her horse-drawn buggy. With a crack of her whip, they take off on their way to his destination in this strange land. The woman […]


“There’s more to life than a little bit of money you know. Don’t you know that?” A very pregnant police chief, at the wheel of her cruiser, expresses her exasperation with the sullen and silent psychopath in her back seat. “And here ya are, and it’s a beautiful day,” she continues, unironically gesturing at the […]